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Harmony in Diversity


The youngest member of Delia Group of Schools founded over 50 years ago, Delia (Man Kiu) English Primary School is envisioned to become “OUR HOME” where students are Open-minded and strive to Understand people of different cultures and places with mutual Respect. Achieving a society of Harmony is our Obligation to be fulfilled with virtues of Morality and Equality.

The School is devoted to actualizing the vision in accordance with the spirit of school motto, “Harmony in Diversity”. Our staff members are committed to offering an appropriate education to students with diverse needs in knowledge, skills and attitude, despite their ethnicity, beliefs and socio-economic background.

As Hong Kong grows into a world city, our school can make significant contribution. In educating our students, we bring together young people from different cultures in addition to those from the local community. The school serves as fertile soil to nurture international and inter-cultural understanding, which will be an important asset not only of the children’s own as they grow up but also that of Hong Kong as the city develops.

To attain our goals, we work closely with parents and the public. The partnership is indispensable to help young people cultivate habits and skills for learning to become responsible global citizens with independent and creative thinking. We need in particular, parents’ support in fostering our educational philosophy and implementing our strategies. I welcome interested parties to contact us and find out more about our school.



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